Meet Ms. Stevens

Demarest Philosophy of Curriculum and Instruction

The Demarest School District prides itself on the caring, professional, intelligent, and talented educators that foster creativity, encourage curiosity, and equip our students with the essential skills they will need to be successful as they navigate their futures.  We recognize that all students learn differently, with a wide variety of talents and abilities. It is our goal to foster positive and caring relationships with students, in order to provide a safe and curiosity driven learning environment to encourage student growth.  Teachers design lessons based on the New Jersey State Learning Standards, as well as the career readiness, life literacies, and key skills competencies.  Based on the written curriculum, teachers have the flexibility to deliver instruction that demonstrates their collective excellence in the art of teaching, and is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of Demarest students.  Assessments are used as a tool to show evidence of mastery as well as to inform instruction, with the goal always being continued student growth and success. As a district, we are committed to ongoing professional learning for teachers to encourage their own lifelong learning.  The Demarest schools are dedicated to always progressing forward and meeting the demands of an ever-changing world.